Mr. Marc A. Feigen

Marc A. Feigen

St. John's

Mr. Marc A. Feigen, called by Fortune Magazine the leading CEO advisor in the United States, has counseled the CEOs of over 35 companies including Ford and Disney. Marc advises on strategic value creation, governance, execution, and leadership. He has written extensively on corporate governance, CEO succession, and leadership. His firm produces the annual New CEO Report, a widely used Boardroom resource. He also founded Hercules Solutions LLC, a software firm that he sold to the New York Stock Exchange. Mr. Feigen matriculated at St. John’s College, Cambridge in 1983, where he was a Thouron Fellow, and earned an MPhil in history. He has a BA with honors in history from the University of Pennsylvania (1983) and an MBA from Harvard (1989). Mr. Feigen is a co-founder of Cambridge in America and is an Honorary Fellow of St. John's College. He teaches a course on the role of the CEO at the Cambridge Judge Business School.