Cambridge Festival

The Cambridge Festival returns with a mixture of online, on-demand and in-person events covering all aspects of the world-leading research happening at Cambridge.

Cambridge in snow

We are delighted to introduce the second edition of CAm Notes, a newsletter designed for the North American alumni and friends of Collegiate Cambridge.


Astronomers have directly measured the mass of a dead star using an effect known as gravitational microlensing, first predicted by Einstein in his General Theory of Relativity, and first observed by two Cambridge astronomers 100 years ago.

Prof Sander van der Linden

In an edited extract from his new book ‘Foolproof: Why We Fall for Misinformation and How to Build Immunity’, Prof Sander van der Linden takes us through his work to “inoculate” people against falling for fake news. 

Bhaskar Vira attending a Get In reception

‘Get In Cambridge’, a programme that encourages students from under-represented ethnic minority backgrounds to come to Cambridge, has almost doubled in size this year.  

sophie from romania

At about 3am on the Saturday before Christmas, an internet sensation arrived in the home of Professor Diane Coyle. She tells us about Sophie, the wonderful new addition to her family.

First look at Cambridge Festival 2023

Hot topics this year include an in-depth look at how we move from global risks to global safety, results from the largest four-day working week trial, greenwashing tactics to look out for, and many more.

First UK proton beam therapy trial for breast cancer launches

Cambridge researchers are jointly leading the first UK trial to test the benefits of proton beam therapy for certain patients with breast cancer.

senate house

A number of academics, staff and an undergraduate student at the University of Cambridge feature in this year's New Year Honours List.

Cambridge in the snow

During this holiday season, we gratefully celebrate North American alumni and friends of Collegiate Cambridge.